885: Planet X Stellar Cores emit light


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21 thoughts on “885: Planet X Stellar Cores emit light

  1. Thank you for tonight's article and lesson dr. Albers very much appreciated as always but I always thought meteors we're bright because of friction from our atmosphere I didn't know they were getting energy from the core that's pretty awesome thanks again and have a wonderful night

  2. Jonathan kleck did a video today every interesting an on the video you did abt.the falling star planet x an Steven ben Denoon has planet x on a drive that CIA made an he used to be one an other the government cover up on it an Pastor Paul Begley is selling it for $40.00 a copy thought you might be interested in it and thank you Dr.Claudia Albers my favorite Physicist the very best ❤

  3. Dr Albers, You stated that suns are the source of planets, they plasma eject them into orbit. Couldn't this sun be generating these cores then plasma ejecting them into our atmosphere? Generating new plasma to be placed in our atmosphere as matter? Ionized plasma?

  4. Meteors are evidence that the stars shall fall from heaven Matthew 24:29. Circular because Isaiah 40:22 @8:20. @9:20 cores deplete when they swing past Pluto into extreme cold. Then once they turn back to the Sun and earth they become energized, thus light w/i

  5. @1:45 in the same way that these objects/Pleiades have their own light after a plasma discharge from Sun, the Moon (which is always receiving plasma from Sun) is it's own light source; @2:12, light is equivalent to Holy Ghost presence; Orion/Star and her planets and their satellites. So again you have captured the evidence of this system.

  6. I remember studying that the sun never emitted gamma rays to the earth. Now I’m not sure if that was true, but I suppose it could have been when we had a decent atmosphere, magnetosphere and the sun had its corona. These cores will destroy earth in no time. Which I think is the plan. All this talk about going to Mars or the moon or whatever is fluff isn’t it? These will effect the whole solar system and beyond. It’s maddening to hear about this solar flash that’s going to cause us to ascend and wipe our memories clean, even the bad guys won’t remember what they did. It’s ludicrous that they would put such stuff out there and people are believing it, but they won’t believe your theories. Thank you for not sugar coating the truth and feeding us more trash! Grateful always, Dr. Claudia!!!! 🧚🏻‍♀️

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