A New XRP Cash Out Method And The Ripple Lobby

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33 thoughts on “A New XRP Cash Out Method And The Ripple Lobby

  1. Why are you not okay with Coinbase but you’re buying a coin that’s doing business with centralized banks in Saudi Arabia? Not trying to be rude. I really want to know.

  2. It seems the play here is to buy stocks in the companies who will be using XRP to more efficiently and more safely handle cross-border payments. What’s the supply of XRP? Isn’t it so high that $75,000 minimal-transactions won’t have an effect on the price of the asset being used to make these cross-border payments? I mean, with such a high supply, why would XRP ever be over a dollar?

  3. Really great video, love that you're planning ahead. There is one more thing that we need to be diligent about, log into your accounts often. Things are slow right now and most of us have it on "auto-pilot". Exchanges, companies, and other places that we use for our digital assets make changes and/or updates regularly. Don't wait until the rush starts to find out that you missed the upgrade or security change, we could be sidelined waiting while others are leaving port! Stay current!

  4. I did a $34k transaction with Genesis. They were quite clear their minimum is $25k, not $75k. Perhaps they've changed their minimum, but I've received no notice from them of any changes. And I've done four transactions with them. (but I'm a tiny minnow in their pond).

  5. Uphold looks like you can simply sell the XRP, and funds go straight back into your bank account … both Europe and USA … surely this is the best way, as insured and security focused company.

  6. HI, DAI you mentiioned in this video that we should get verified on coinbase which I already am. They verified my drivers license and im able to transfer money from my debit card to coinbase then buy btc or whatever to transfer to bianance for xrp. Ive also been stage 2 verified on bianance. my question is there any other stages of verification on coinbase besides the first stage photo id verification in order to sell big vlaue. i cant find the link anywhere to do it. thk DAI

  7. In Australia we have BTC Markets. They have an XRP/Australian Dollar pairing and have recently opened an OTC section for people trading over AU$100k. I have gone through the OTC approval process, just need to wait for XRP to rise.

  8. Okay DAI I'm sold. I had my xrp on toast wallet on my old iphone 6 that wasn't connected to the internet, and the thing crashed because its running ios 10. Well luckily I was able to get it to turn on. And i got my backup that I'd never written down until today. Long story short, I ordered a nano S using your link. Thanks bro.

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