Bitcoin Bullishness Returns, Huge IOTA Partnership, NEO 3.0, Tom Lee BTC – Crypto News

Bullish sentiment is starting to come back after a bearish week. Mattie will give you the latest from IOTA and their massive partnership with Jaguar Land Rover. He will also give you the latest about NEO 3.0 as well as two price predictions from Tom Lee and Moon Overlord.
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27 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bullishness Returns, Huge IOTA Partnership, NEO 3.0, Tom Lee BTC – Crypto News

  1. I'm proud of neo for creating a new chain 🙂 I feel that more projects should do this is they want to be at the top. Edit: read some of the article, crazy that the testnets not scheduled until june 2020, I wonder if it'll become more of a stagnant project until closer to then, how'll that affect the price?

  2. If you are not telling your people to buy ENJ coin, then you are missing out on the next greatest run. You think IOTA and Samsung is big, just wait till ENJ announces their shit. you ain't seen nothing yet.

  3. Yes I'm on the 1984 side of the army. I don't want corporate technocrats monitoring my transactions. I'm not in favor of trading trivial amounts of crypto for my privacy. The ethos crypto currencies was founded on was sovereignty. In that spirit I'm going to do my best to keep my identity sperate from my crypto wallets

  4. NEO is my biggest holding. Or is that hodling? Muahaha… just kidding. I’m excited about the migration but wondering what I’ll have to do with my NEO to get the new tokens.

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