Brad Garlinghouse "We Are Moving Into A New World Order" With Ripple And XRP

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43 thoughts on “Brad Garlinghouse "We Are Moving Into A New World Order" With Ripple And XRP

  1. I agree. The more I look at crypto the more I realize this is what all the biblical nutters were hollering about. I’m riding the coat tails bs why not but. I don’t think any of this is in our best interest

  2. The crypto revolution is not about digital money but about decentralization and that is what worries me with holding xrp. It is not decentralized hence it is not hacking proof. When it eventually happens and Ripples is hacked or a giant exit scam is perpetuated, the world will see how important decentralization is. I think everyone should at least have a basic understanding of the blockchain technology before investing in any coin or token. I am not a ripple hater, in fact, i love the tech and have made a load of money from xrp already but just cautious which i advice all to be. XRP is a money maker now but will bring lots of pain in the future for holders. I found a way after much research to continually make returns using one of the best signal system and trade strategies of Wesley Williams and i and a few friends have made outrageous profit of over 300% in trading this system which is so exciting and fulfilling i think writing about it may be helpful for some other persons who may have lost money either from trading, hodling and bad decisions. Wesley's contact is willssley@gmail com if you need any inquiry on how to be profitable consistently. Remember, XRP has so much to offer in the present irrespective of the price because as a trader with the right system in place, you profit from bearish markets as much as you do in bullish markets so there really is no point waiting for an uncertain tomorrow.

  3. When I watched this video I saw a mixture of fear and arrogance both on the part of the Swift CEO, reminds me of the same way American Automakers looked at the Japanese firms, now look what going on. I think Brad came across as very honest and trustworthy. With that being said.. "JUMP DAMMIT JUMP

  4. Why r all the crypto enthusiasts also fan-boys of the satanic, NWO that all conspiracy theorists, truthers & bible prophecy commentators have been warning us about for t last 30 yrs? You've all been decieved into thinking totalitarian world-government is a good thing. So decieved. You've been conned.

  5. Thoroughly enjoying your down-to-earth attitude and your total honesty. DAI. I am going to try Cinnamon in my Hot Chocolate. And it's Summer here – 35c.

  6. I think Brad did a decent job, but also missed an opportunity to really set the record straight. The video I saw was only 20 min long, so I may have missed something later, if there was a later. He said a lot of "I think this…" and "I think that…" which did not sound confidence inspiring. Also, just way to complementary to SWIFT CEO. There is a way to be respectful, but this is your main competitor, and you need to say what needs to be said, and make sure the audience clearly sees confidence, knowledge, leadership, and a clear winning superior vision and product. Missed opportunity IMO.

  7. "Devils advocate" Corda settler will offer two solutions to banks when sending cross boarder payments through R3
    1. XRP
    2. GPI
    Banks will have the opportunity to see the difference in functionality between the 2 processes. XRP is the clear front runner!

  8. In case you do not know what the NWO is this is basically it:

    -One World Leader
    -One World Currency
    -One World Government
    -One World Religion

    Digital currencies definitely line up with the NWO.

  9. Dam you got me pumped DAI, as always.
    This is crystal clear, the opportunity of many lifetimes. We made a discovery at the perfect time. I just wish I could make my family and friends see it as clearly.

    I feel bull run is soon. Market sentiment is the lowest I've seen in my 14 months observing. And fundamentals are reaching unimaginable levels for XRP

  10. Again really love your honest appraisal of XRP and one cannot overplay the importance of Ripple and XRP in the world. This technology will be like the discovery of electricity, it will change the world. Those early adoperts and investors like us Joe Public have an opportunity like no other to get in at the ground gloor then enter the elevator to the mood and beyond. No other asset class give the public an opportunity to get in at the very bottom. Digital assets with its decentralized nature gives you and I to become millionaires and have a great life for us our children and grandchildren.

  11. APPLE MARKET CAP = 783b AND crypto Market cap = 115b. Therefore Apple could ACTUALLY buy ALL CRYPTOS 6x OVER. Still VERY SMALL and this is the biggest point people do not get! When they tell you cryptos are in a bubble just give them this blurb of information about one stock alone being worth more than 6x the entire crypto market. Now that's a big JOKE if you ask me!

  12. Hello XRP COMMUNITY,I write with so much griev in my heart. .Am a student who fell in love with crypto expecially XRP,and I tried hard to purchase 600xrp,,but rite now am left with just 50xrp while trying to make some profit for my upkeep,but unfortunately I lost 550xrp.

    Pls my good XRP members,,help a brother,,No amount of XRP is too small..I beg u in God's name..I don't really no what to do.. Address raaa1EPE17HaJ9PepKc5M5NnVNrgYwSERv

  13. Cant wait for what Forbes has to say.
    "New world order" maybe Bg knows his base and what phrases makes FOMO
    Xrp will be the first on settler but will it be the only?

  14. Hashgraph is as big as XRP. XRP will disrupt the Trillion Dollar Banking Market. Hedera Hashgraph will disrupt the Trillion Dollar Smart Contract and Micro Transaction Market.

  15. I'd love for Ledger to have a simple way to store ETC20 tokens directly on the Ledger without having to link the Ledger with an external wallet. THAT would be great. If that is already available, someone please let me know. DAI, thanks for the consistent solid work!

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