Cardano(ADA) make you a millionaire? How much do you need calculations

Cardano(ADA) make you a millionaire? How much do you need calculations
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36 thoughts on “Cardano(ADA) make you a millionaire? How much do you need calculations

  1. So here's the short version:
    ETH/ADA supply ratio = .003439

    Once again, these are extremely optimistic projections and I do not plan on holding for these values:

    2 – 2.5 years — 76.4 cents price – needs 1.309 million ADA – $75549
    4 – 5 years — $4.47 – needs 223714 ADA – $12912
    8 years – $17.195 – needs 58157 ADA – $3377
    10-15+ years – $34.4 – needs 29079 ADA – $1609

  2. Cardanoβ€˜ s problem, along with all these β€œtheorycraft” chains, is that theory doesn’t work in practice worth a damn usually.. business OR P2P are the only drivers for adoption

  3. You are very ignorant (uninformed) about Cardano. Hoskinson has always planned on leaving (releasing) Cardano to the community. You call that "Leaving", he calls that decentralization – a crypto cannot be a cult of personality. He is CEO of IOHK which has been contracted by Emurgo to develop Cardano. The key us CONTRACTED. IOHK will continue to develop Cardano after the Voltare release if the community votes to have that happen. Charles has no plans to leave IOHK. Even if he did, doing so would not stall or prevent Cardano from being finished because he has a co-founder and 200 employees who would finish the work.

    Cardano will be able to run Ethereum smart contracts which means Cardano will adopt DApps from Ethereum soon after full release. Many Eth Dapps migrated to EOS when EOS launched.

    I suspect you don't know what Cardano is planning or what they have accomplished. If you did, you would probably not say, "IF Cardano succeeds". They are well funded, with a huge community, government partnerships, amazing marketing, faster and more secure network than Eth, cheaper transactions, easier to use, quantum resistant, uses less energy to "mine", and better by at least 20 more comparisons. Cardano can issue STO's, the next class of digital assets. Cardano … of fuck it, you are not inclined to be informed about it by me. DYOR.

  4. The only reason ADA price is down so low is because the delays in Shelley staking over past 1.5 years and people losing patience. I believe it is going to take very long time for ETH to which over to staking and many developers will switch over too Cardano because they can stake their coins.

  5. This video will not age well, Cardano is by far I repeat by far the best project in this space, and the only hope the crypto space has of a bright future.
    The future will not be kind to your video sir!

  6. Have you people not read the articles online, from reputable investors and firms like Bloomberg and such? Nearly each one of them says there is "NO" investor/institutional money going into Cardano. And I personally don't see that changing anytime soon. So, all these price forecasts are complete shit. Without "BIG" money, ADA will be stuck below $0.10. I also agree with some of the comments below that Charles will say "fuck you" to the Cardano project when his contract expires in 2020. Then, ADA will likely go into crypto hell with a price below $0.01.

  7. All of the top 10 (maybe top 20) coins (and some that aren't) will reach ATHs in the coming bull run…..whether they maintain those prices is a different story……

  8. 2 factors to consider:

    CH leaving Cardano probably won't affect price. There are plenty of people from each of the 3 organisations working on the project who can take over. CH may be voted out by the community even as that's the beauty of this project.

    Secondly, yes Ethereum is much further ahead than Cardano BUT you're talking as if Cardano won't/can't take over Ethereum down the track. This is very possible if they deliver what they're setting out to achieve. If large corporations and companies see the security, superior blockchain and scalability of Cardano that's where they will put their money in order to build on the platform. This is of course as I say IF they deliver.

    It's all speculation at the moment but if it works out it's not out of the realm of possibility that they take over ETH in market cap. Then the price of ADA will be high.

    5 years from now will be very interesting times I think!

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  10. Good thing I buy to hold for 7 years, and that I am optimistic about the coins I buy. If it all goes well I retire in 2025 at 60, if not, shitty state pension at 67.

  11. Is the price of ETH based on use? No, it's speculative. So I think ADA price movement will largely be the same – driven by speculation. Does speculation correlate with perceived use? Sure but ADA could gain use and not see the same degree of speculative attention as ETH and therefore not see the same price action.

    Until this isn't a majorly speculative market I don't think we can conflate use and price

  12. Dumped my 200K+ ADA a while ago for BTC. Sick of the constant delays from the project and the double talk from Hoskinson. Not to mention the wallet never worked, so I have very little confidence they will succeed.

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