ILP With XRP Is The Killer Formula And Ripple Going Public?

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Author: admin

26 thoughts on “ILP With XRP Is The Killer Formula And Ripple Going Public?

  1. Hey DAI! Love your videos! 
    I hold XRP and bet on its success. What worries me is; if BTC or anything else can move instantly on ILP, aren't XRP at risk of not being so unique? And wouldn't we be at risk of not having XRP chosen for global liquidity?

  2. I think Holo will be the next Ripple. I think the Tech behind Holo will be very attractive to companies. There is also a social component built into Holo that may boost it's appeal to the world regarding climate change.

  3. As a result of the many voices blasting Ripple for dumping and XRP Youtube pumpers not addressing those concerns, we have a shift occurring. Average investors, like myself, are behaving more skeptical ie., sophisticated. Therefore, XRP price is about to increase. Now is the time to hold. There's a change in sentiment and it's very negative. That's your signal to not sell. Also, trying to Fork XRP is basically trying to F_ck XRP so that's about as stupid ad the person who suggested it.

  4. DAI I wish someone would address the scams that people post in comments. If I see them I report them, but I never hear anyone address them. These scams have a negative impact on the market.

  5. Hi Sam, love your work. May I say that I find it quite hard to hear what u r saying… It seems like you have a filter on your mic that is muffling the 's' and 'f' and removing too much treble generally. Anyway just some feedback for you. Cheers mate. Mike.

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  7. Hi XRP community to help XRP I need you to spread the following about IPO,
    1. STOP FUD and Would save Brad Garlinghouse many lawsuit and FUD because Ripple have the regulator define XRP is not a security and define Ripple stock is a security
    2. STOP the sales of XRP because they can fund Ripple without selling XRP, making XRP price higher with no new supply.
    3. FREE advertising for the public and lead to MASS ADOPTION driving XRP price high

  8. Hi I'm from New Zealand, and was wondering how would we buy Hedera when it comes out. the place I buy from doesn't know about it yet and says they may stock it, if it became popular. But I would like to get in on the ground floor where would I do this?

  9. The SEC chairman and Commodity Futures Trading, CFTC, is the kind of 'company' that Brad, CEO of Ripple is accepted in, and is comfortable with, proves already that XRP and the Ripplenet are a valuable part of the U.S. future…….is 25c the bottom? BUY the fear, if so……go!

  10. bro I've been following you for AWHILE… buuuutttttt I need you to get straight to the point. Too much fluff and with YT we can't skip bc we might miss something. Pls get to the point and leave out things that aren't informational

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