Ripple And XRP / Level Playing Field / New World Order

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Author: admin

44 thoughts on “Ripple And XRP / Level Playing Field / New World Order

  1. What, didn't Kevin O'Leary just said a few weeks ago to anthony pompliano on NBC that Bitcoin and crypto was made out of thin air and that it was woelrthless?! 🤣😂

  2. ANYONE WHO IS Negative here on the price obviously is relatively new to this. In 2017 during the summer bitcoin went from $4000 to $2000 before it took off, Litecoin was at $40. We are in the same trend before launch. You have to understand XRP has had the least amount of fluctuations and for good reason.

  3. Dai I don't know what happened with your video at the end but the last few comments made by some people were way over the top ,it was like you site was being overrun with zealots.just a heads up don't know what they are here for???regards .

  4. Does anyone have any concerns regarding the separation of the Ripple platform with XRP? Just because all of these companies are using Ripple, ripple net etc. tyat does not mean that XRP, the digi assets will actually benefit. I’m starting to see a fine line between the two and I really hope I’m wrong. Also I bought some today…. again! Please give me some evidence on the contrary.

  5. Well everyone, I did it. Managed to get up to a 'life changing' amount of XRP. I started buying in February and every month I've been in disbelief that the price has stayed suppressed for so long. I never thought that we were going to see $.31 XRP ever again. While I wish I had more cash to throw at this correction, I'm happy with the progress I've made. I've been slimming my budget down till it hurts, sold stuff, ramped up my side hustle and it's been hard to be disciplined for this long. I have 0 doubt it will pay off in the long run. I think from this point forward I am going to diversify a little bit maybe put 20% of my DCA money into other alts that have utility. Excited for what the coming months bring.

  6. Christine Lagarde doesnt need laws or regulations or affirmative action etc…..she has what it takes for the job…. when you need laws to force a company to put you in a position based your skin colour-ethnic backround-religion-sexual orientatio-gender-political affiliation then you are a)not worth it b)a discriminatory bigot sexist racist…..

    I am opposed to that devil Merkel in everything but….she has what it needs for the position….

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