Ripple Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report: Reducing Future XRP Sales

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Author: admin

31 thoughts on “Ripple Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report: Reducing Future XRP Sales

  1. Banks are way too greedy to use a token already created by someone else and where approx 50% belongs to private investors. It ain't gonna happen!! They are creating something else they have full control over. It doesn't matter if it's 2 seconds slower than XRP. Believe me.

  2. Ripple is doing vary good. Of course if I dumped 1 billion xrp every month on the market I would be doing great also. Why do you think Ripples numbers are so good this last QT. Level playing field? For the banks?
    Or us? Am I wrong?

  3. XLM will be on smartphones for individual use soon. So the amount of XLM will fall greatly once rolled out driving XLM price up. XRP limited use by MoneyGram WF BofA is peanuts vs 50 financial insitutions and 47 currencies of XLM.

    XLM is being designed for individual use not strictly institutional like the very limited XRP approach which also won’t be able to service half the world because it’s not going to be Sharia Law compliant. My advice is load up on XLM now. XLM burn rate will be exponentially higher then XRP once each has their customer base established. XLM already has 45 banks & 47 currencies running daily which is much more then XRP

    XLM has years of ongoing red carpet entry going forward with its IBM partnering paving the way into 4800 existing partner financial institutions worldwide already trusting IBM’s products and services

  4. The community is comical….I really do love my fellow Ripple-ites. The way I see it, 20 months, or 20 years, we're in at a pretty low pps. Wether or not it goes moon is inconsequential to me, I'm happy limiting my market exposure when necessary, whilst building & holding. But what I refuse to do is ride the knee jerk reaction train….every positive story: "yup, issa bout to go moon!", lol, calm down, be patient. It'll happen, just not when you want it

  5. Quick question…if xrp is decentralized what do you think would happen if iran or n korea started using ripple/xrp? Answer is no more ripple/xrp and new jail birds. Its a corporate asset that controls 50% of the total supply that has a ceo and a headquarters.

  6. I’ve only been listening a few months but why do you always assume every time any news talks about anything you say it’s XRP with no proof. They don’t say any coin or company but it’s always of course “they’re talking about XRP”. Just bought more today because I’m hopeful too

  7. I can't believe with all of this news and posturing by Ripple (and Mnuchin) that the speculative XRP market won't explode. The Wirex CEO's agenda is loud and clear. But it always gives me pause when people need to do shady stuff to further their product. I wish Wirex best of luck and hope for their success, but I'll have nothing to do with it.

  8. A old trick I've learned in raising 10 children. When they fight, simple make them sit down beside each other and hold hands. As long as there holding hands they will not say a word for several hours. Try IT DAI!!

  9. DAI I sincerely hope somebody at Ripple notices how hard working you are at promoting them and XRP. You do a fantastic job and make me laugh every day with your personal stories. I hope you get some free XRP from Ripple. Yes I do share the same name as a famous actor. The real Paul Walker has often been described as a good looking, rich in character and humble individual the other unfortunately passed away in a tragic car accident a few years back. Keep up the great work.

  10. Hi DAI. A while back I posted here. I had watched your videos for a while and I admired your continued and unwavering faith in XRP. I explained that I was heavily invested in XRP at 42 cents and I was wondering what price you entered into the XRP market. I was not prying. I was simply pointing out that if you had heavily invested at lets say .04 cents then your bullishness would make perfect sense to me. My query was met with a mixed response from your following and unfortunately I received no response from you, which is your prerogative. I have always believed in the idea of a digital currency competing with the likes of swift and Western Union, but the more I have continued to read both sides of the XRP discussion, the more I am wondering whether or not XRP is that currency. Which brings me to my point. If you have time, I would appreciate you taking the time to debunk the article below. I would (and I am sure some other people who follow you would) be really appreciative of your opinion. Thank You.

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  12. A financial product that everyone has to have to survive? well I guess the banks sure do need Ripple software to make it faster to rip us all off. I'm just not sure what coin they will use to do it, xrp? imf coin? jp morgan coin? no one knows yet, including me..

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