Ripple/XRP 5.. WSJ Predicted A $1000 XRP By 2020 & We'll See A 10K BTC This Week, Long Vs Short Term

-XRP TA is extremely bullish.
-Wall street journal predicted a $1000 XRP
-Trump Slips up on Japan & SBI (read between the lines)

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27 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP 5.. WSJ Predicted A $1000 XRP By 2020 & We'll See A 10K BTC This Week, Long Vs Short Term

  1. Boy glad I never found this a year ago I would have ditched this channel and not be enjoying the amazing average content you create today. You've come a long way in your content creation.

  2. Man o man ive been holding according to your videos since last January, buy man o man i never knew you were this bullish since way back when….lord help us XRP holders.

  3. They were wrong. Wall street is not God. Wrong xrp .23 cents far cry from $1,000 . Long term is the key. Dont believe in the hype. It will take time maybe years, not months. We will see may june of 2020. 6 months after . Wait patiently. Buy more while it's cheap. Xrp will be a good risk, at least for what I can afford. 😄

  4. Sorry, but this is ridiculous and dangerous, what you are doing here! You are hyping ppl up to morgage their existebce to buy xrp? Seriously? Wait till next escrow release omg, then we see 35 cents xrp again. All this fucking hype youtubers, thank god this is not really working anymore. If it was 2017, then maybe, but ppl got more cautious this time.

  5. XRP is so majorly under valued…
    They are building a gigantic infrastructure that traverses the world over!
    I have no problem waiting for the massive payouts this digital assets will eventually deliver!!!

  6. And now ladies and gentleman, We're witnessing some pathetic bullshit once again. If you invest based on this crap I want to say thankyou as I'll be taking your profits when your XRP is overbought on the RSI 😜

  7. Bearable Bull is dope as hell. I don't know what's going to happen with XRP or with any of the other coins I've purchased. But regardless if I win or lose, investing in cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting things I've ever done. I will have no regrets.

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