Ripple XRP: Crypto Eri & SBI's Plan to Revolutionize the Japans Payment Culture

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Author: admin

27 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Crypto Eri & SBI's Plan to Revolutionize the Japans Payment Culture

  1. Thanks so much, Eri and Jungle for your time and efforts, very informative and much appreciated. A question if I may, when can expect to see Money Tap go live and where /how can we follow the volumes for XRP in Japan?

  2. As Well. I belive that if Christine Leguard were to be seen with Brad Garlinghouse in any situation , it might prove to be a bad thing for the hope that the IMF is seriously considering a relationship with xrp. AS long as you never see CL at the same table publicly with BG, it screams future deal. Yes that is a contrarian point. But her digital asset comments and the fact that there has never been an open forum where you here from both BG and CL, is so perfect. After all the IMF transfers money through swift and engages in the waiting a week game and dont' you know they are sick of it? My suggestion is that CL is a rule breaker and nothing would please her more than to announce that all future transactions by the IMG world wide would be handled through Ripple. Even if that was no more than a few transactions a week, it would give clout to Ripple unlike what they have received. The fact that Digital Currency is in vogue and any major source seeking attention would use such a concept to frame themselves a renaissance man, or women in this case. It would define CL as a modernist.

  3. Very true Eri, I carry more cash in Japan than I ever would in the states. Even large retailers prefer you pay with cash. I’ve been told by a car dealership that they wouldn’t accept a certified check from my bank, but cash was ok.

    In the states they’d look at you really funny if you show up with $30k in cash to buy a car LOL. They’d probably wonder if the cash is illegal.

  4. Hi Jungle. Thanks for a great stream. It would have been nice for you to spend a few minutes introducing Crypto Eri and why she has authority to speak on this topic. I was scratching my head for the first few minutes because I didn't know anything about her and her background. Her knowledge of the topic became clear once she jumped into the presentation, but a brief :45 introduction would have helped the beginning of the stream. Appreciate your grind sir.

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