Ripple XRP: Domination Phase has Begun

Ripple has announced that they will invest $100 million for developers to create in-game marketplaces for digital goods.

The global video game industry brought in $43 Billion dollars in revenue last year.

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47 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Domination Phase has Begun

  1. Three Red Flags, XRP Army:

    1) FACT: Corey Johnson, Director of Marking at Ripple leaves and his position eliminated because it's "not even needed".

    2) FACT: Wells Fargo once again rejects XRapid. CEO says "We are not impressed" after latest test.

    3) FACT: Ripple price continues to stagnate a $0.30's and worse yet volume dries to a trickle while BTC and ETH price and volume boom.

    Stop listening to HYPE and THINK for yourself.

  2. Cryptobitcoin Chris doesn’t think the bull run is coming in 2019… he admitted this on his crypto revolution channel today he said 2021 ! . I disagree 2019 is the bull run and we’ve slowly started it already with the alt coins making moves … XRP will run to $5000 this year no doubt and settle down for a while and explode in 2020-2021 and overtake bitcoin… the big movers in alt coins will make some rich this year… personally Tron TRX will hit $1 by October and settle back at 0.50c by Xmas time … that’s where I’m heading

  3. People i know ripple is a good project, but its not a project for the people its for the banks , it will hold the old structure in place. Take a good indept look at DGB digibyte and what it has done , this is the treu first largest and fastest most secure blockchain that will rule the world and is there for the people , 19th of april there is Digibyte summit that will make many institutions more aware of what DGB really is. It will be mind blowing for them and many other people that did not yet researched DGB , the marketing of DGB was very low last years because they where not done yet completed there project, but know they are ready and are firstly going to introduce digi-assets that will get huge attention and huge influx of money will get in to DGB very soon. Don't miss out on this, do your research, DGB is very very BIGG,it will leave ripple in the dust in about 2 years.

  4. Hey Jungle
    Great video as always – helps to put it in perspective . I still have NO idea why the hate on XRP – none of the coins are booming except the pump and dumps so I can’t work out why people are so negative. But hey ho, we get the last laugh when the price goes up eventually , after every recession there is a BOOM, crypto is no exception. Personally i’m Excited for Fidelity to launch – see which coins they put into a Managed fund.. Just keep on keeping us positive hon – ignore the idiots.

  5. Nothing has begun please shut up and just wait no bull run till 2019 end or 2020 no point of making videos everyday unless there is crazy price movement or Amazing news give it a rest lol.

  6. It seems like before you were hallucinating on cross border payment pill and now XRP failed to capture any significant part of the market , you turned for another pill to hallucinate domination phase .It is too early to see any effect but time will likely prove you wrong . When something like subjective opinion are used , it usually results in bad result . I have no doubt that Ripple will be successful but XRP is not likely to do well . There are basically three factor affects value 1) Scarcity 2) Utility 3) Perceived value . In my view XRP has only 1 of 3 quality .

  7. Hopefully the crypto movie will make the price jump up. I mean fast and furious made everyone want to race cars and 21 made everyone want to learn how to count cards. Why can’t the crypto movie make people want to join the crypto community?

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