Ripple XRP: We May be Seeing the True Catalyst of the Next Bull Run

We have all been waiting for Bakkt, SBI, Fidelity ect to launch their platforms and spark the next bull run. It may end up being China and Facebook that do the trick.

Part 1: Ripple Founder Chris Larsen says China’s commitment to blockchain phenomenal and says its time for the United States to step up.

Part 2: SBI Holdings ready to USE XRP for cross border payments into South East Asia….

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40 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: We May be Seeing the True Catalyst of the Next Bull Run

  1. Mr Jungle,
    What are you going to do with all your time when this thing freaks out and finalises at an incredible price?
    There will be nothing left to say and you will need a sh@t tonne of hobbies to keep yourself occupied!
    Love your work my friend๐Ÿ‘

  2. Maybe news: RIPPLE LABS Senior Management have been sitting down with the SEC, during events.

    Showing something is about to happen.

    RIPPLE will merge or (believe it or not) acquire SWIFT.

    Swift is used by over 15,000 Banks, handling $5 trillion USD per year.

    Swift will benefit from RIPPLE's interledger technology. Allowing banks to use their service in a more seemless and cost effective way.

    This will allow RIPPLE to leverage every single bank working with SWIFT. Without the need for RIPPLE to hunt each bank down individually. Explain the concept of xRapid/ILP & Sort out legality and paperwork.

    Equity demand is on the rise. as-well as firms trading the XRP token the past weeks for the Swell conference.

    This Merge/Aquisition would put the entire banking industry at ease.

  3. XLM just burned 50%– and Jeb McCaleb dumps ..well if Ripple burn xrp Jeb will be the richest,,100 Million XRP was transferred to Ripple Co-founder Jeb McCaleb from Ripple Labโ€™s wallet address,

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