Tech Zone Audio Products Stellar X2 Mic Review / Test (with TLM103, U87, NT1, AT2020 Comparison)

Today I review a very popular new mic on the market, the Tech Zone Audio Products Stellar X2. This is frequently compared to the Neumann U87 and TLM103, so I compare it to those microphones. I also compare it to the Neewer NW7000, Audo Technical’s AT2020, Rode NT1, Roswell Mini K47, Neumann TLM102, Neumann TLM103, and Neumann U87Ai.

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46 thoughts on “Tech Zone Audio Products Stellar X2 Mic Review / Test (with TLM103, U87, NT1, AT2020 Comparison)

  1. The YouTube compression is doing what an old valve mic preamp would do, in a way, making them all sound very similar. I have a Rode NT-1 and it is waaaaay smoother, cleaner and quieter than, say, MXL mics. If you have the option to spend money for quality DO!!!

  2. Too many many specifics unnecessary….just compare both like as in real world use…Stop science class style….Do more real life as it would if you were to use it. You guys dont get….cut down on every single detail….sound card, settings etc…just get to the main stuffs and may be at end put those details….

    But who cares about those details at first? None….
    When you let us know how good it is then we might want to know more…
    But everyone talks too much of unneeded info….

    This is good criticism not some hater without saying why…

  3. Another spot-on review. This mic wouldn't work for me because my voice is sibilant, though not high. It's awesome though, to have a product line that includes a variety of mic sounds for each of the different needs.

  4. Bandrew I have a special review request: Auray TT-ISO Isolating Desktop Microphone Stand. Desktop stand that comes with 1.5" of sound isolating foam on the bottom. Does it work? Haven't seen any review for it yet.

  5. 1. I could care less (not insulting, just a premise for my comments… in other words, I have no agenda)
    2. I've heard no reviews/buzz/hype whatsoever, so whatever that mic is did sound pretty good, with no expectation on my end.
    3. It sounded like a decent, cheap China mic. I have some GXLs that I bought about 20 years ago for $80ish. Something like that. Good first mic.
    4. It did sound quite similar to the AT2020 (and I do like the AT brand), but I think you said the 2020 is cheaper?
    5. It sounded better than most of the other cheap mics you showed (less weird high end crap).
    6. The mic is not the most important thing, for people that can't afford $100K in gear. The music and the musical talent are most important. Then, the room you're in. If you don't have these, then don't blow money on gear… just get cheap used stuff, pay with cash (no credit cards), until you do find some talent. Don't obsess about gear until people are paying you big bucks to record an album. Then, let them pay for the gear.

  6. I saw on your site that you have reviews of the Rode M5 and Se Electronics Se7 coming out…. I'm trying to order a matched pair of one of these either today or tomorrow. Have you done any comparison of these two?

  7. hey can you please review BOYA BY-M1000 its one of the new ones it's around 99 USD on AliExpress and I'm in Asia so it's one of the easily available microphones and it says large diaphragm !! can you please check it out

  8. Amazing vid as always, love the methodology of this channel <3

    Could u take a look on sontronics mics any time soon? Stc20 is really solid, while stc 3x kills (subjectively more natural) rode nt1, lewitt 440pure etc, however I'd like to see how it competes with other models in eyes of someone that had tested tons of them. Also some vs video between audient id14 and motu m2 could be dope as those are simmilar in pricealthough have diff qualities. Keep the good job and thank You once again for spreading reliable info

  9. Great review. just wanted to mention that it was quite high pitched and somewhat stressed voice every time spoken on the stellar, especially when compared in between Neumann's… Neumann´s approx. average voice frequency was 138hz. stellar approx. average around 190 even over 200… so it´s hard to make a good comparison without more constant input. great alternatives though for all types of voices around, and with affordable prices, cheers!

  10. Weirdos lol I’ve owned MULTIPLE mics and this hands down is the best out of all of them, most of them costing at least 2X more. For the price you can’t beat this thing, but that’s just my opinion I guess lol

  11. Once you got into the Neumanns, the whole lower end got richer. I'm surprised how similar the 103 and the 87 were, but still the 87 has such a balanced mid range . . . Sorry the X2 is not "between the 103 and the 87".

  12. This video is all the more reason mics are a rip off in terms of price, I do believe you get what you pay for,, but in comparison, I feel when a $3000 mic sounds very similar to a $200 mic I find it disturbing, I do own expensive mics. I use different mics only because I may be tired of the present one being used, I have Tube mics Condenser Mics Ribbon mics ranging from $200 to $2500, and they all sound great as I can't hardly tell the difference…In essence, buy a mic yield the pro results and don't buy into the hype!

  13. Not even close to the 103/87 your test clearly demonstrates it.Also keep in mind that you Neuman mics will retain its resell value compared to any of them,even twenty years from now.

  14. I make microphones, i can make this microphone. I've seen their board and the components they use, the design is a basic schoeps circuit with an oscillator circuit to provide the 60ish volts to the chinese made capsule. There some important components missing, this circuit needs 2 x 0.022uf caps connecting both pin 2 and 3 of the xlr input to ground apart from that, $200 is a really good price, there's probably none better at the price…… Now, enough with the u87 sounding garbage, that goes for any new mic. First, %90 of mics now use chinese made capsules, their version of U87's capsule (the Rk87) is repro of the U67 capsule and are often bright and peaky. Second, the U87 is powered buy a (9:5:1) transformer, all trans impart a sound on the circuit, giving whats described as a vintage/warmth sound. The 2 circuits share a similar input stage, and while clear sounding, the amplification stage adds no colour to the sound. Third, the parts cost, just for the circuit, a schoepes parts can be $5 to $60 where e repro of the u 87 is more $150 plus another $100 to $200 for the transformer. All this U87 bs is from people seeing a repro rk87 capsule thats actually an rk67, hearing a decent sound then claiming the second coming of Jesus
    ps circuit could use a hi freq roll off stage, to curb its brightness

  15. I dunno, on my headphones is really sounded super close to the TLM103, but I completely agree with the upper frequencies.
    I would say the biggest winner would be the Rode NT1 or NT1a if you wanna be closer to the Stellar price point.

  16. What? No Neumann u47 FET comparison???
    Just kidding, it didn't come close to the Neumann mics but I was impressed with how good it sounds. Another 10 years and these "budget microphones" might actually change the game.

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