The BearableGuy Conspiracy, He's Been 97% Right & The Ripple/XRP Price Will Validate Him Soon

-Every clue bearableguy has given us has been correct except 589 and I will review almost all of them.
-May 2019 has had profound news and we are only 1 week in… what else is in store?
*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice

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36 thoughts on “The BearableGuy Conspiracy, He's Been 97% Right & The Ripple/XRP Price Will Validate Him Soon

  1. Wave and ripple colouring design book by Satoshi Nakamoto, illustrated by Mori Yuzan, available on the 20th May The coil is In 1903, Mori Yuzan – a little known Japanese artist from Kyoto – has created a 3 volume book titled ‘Hamonshū’. The books featured various traditional Japanese wave designs and were created to serve as inspiration for local craftsmen. link below…. Interesting???

  2. I think it means what XRP's worth if it weren't for the escrow dumping the same/more than whats being bought.($589-$2396) The more companies involved the more money moved how much does each company have? How much more is coming?
    The biggest question is how is this price suppression gonna effect us, and what REALLY is the use of the "coin"?
    Getting the increase is inevitable, but besides the increase what's the point?
    [4/2022 $76] XRP or TRX?

  3. This is the most stupid crypto video I have seen yet! Plz stop with all the silly unrealistic xrp predictions, judging by some of the comments people are drawn in to this nonsense

  4. The only thing bearableguy got right was pandering to the Harry Potter mentality of millennials. Nothing he predicted has come true. Because he didn't predict anyting. it is YouTubers who are trying to interpret his Harry Potter-esque clues.

  5. XRP is not rising because: 1. Large XRP holders selling against spikes to keep the price stable and still take profit. 2. BTC maximalists, large holders, and financial institutions releasing FUD in concert for private interests. 3. Lack of regulatory clarity and a “first major domino” keeping banks from firing up XRapid.

    Best part is – none of these can last.

  6. It's exciting to be alive and cashed up in MAY of 2019 with the sun rising and the coil uncoiling and the XRP price kept low, low, low for BIG institutions! Yay @TheBearableBull — Thanks! <3

  7. Most definitely thinks are adding up to a big bull run with all the financial institutions getting their ducks in a row, and several major financial exchanges launching crypto institutional trading to be followed with retail buying. Once the US government agency approves Crypto EFT’s, and adoption continues world wide, the doors will blow wide open and several currencies with projects of value will most likely sky rocket. These financial institutions would not be getting into this space and pushing it big time to their wealthy clients, if they did not think they could make a fortune for their clients…

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