XDR , SDR , XRP , Ripple And Liquidity In A Global Financial Crisis

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Author: admin

40 thoughts on “XDR , SDR , XRP , Ripple And Liquidity In A Global Financial Crisis

  1. DAI i have something i would love to share with you….its the NESaRA Act, if you have an email addredd i can forward you documents you wont believe! Also check-out the work of Christopher Story

  2. Hey DAI! All of that hard work with your 7-yr-old in baseball has paid off. He sounds like a star in the making. Congrats on his success so far. You might just have a future famous Pro player on your hands!!

  3. DAI, nothing is coincident, it was all planned, instead to have a major war to do the re-set of the world economy, too risky. and most important, BTC was incapable of that task, so XRP is the digital asset to accomplish that task.

  4. So I wonder what will happen to price now that over 50% of xrp inventory has been sold already and possible certain percentage being held permanently back from never being sold to OTC and now XRP has went public and brought to the attention of all of America on mainstream media plus upcoming Cryptocurrency ATMs. It just seems to there couldn't be many XRP left for the public to purchase and most anyone who is aware of XRP wants lots of it. I'm guessing the price will sore to the moon soon enough. I'm just saying what do you think a large investment firm will pay per coin when they want 2 million+ coins to buy or something. Supply and Demand is about to shift into the realm of Demand. Then add in the upcoming recession to add fuel to the fire for demand.

  5. Let's keep in mind Brad is very limited as to what he can say. Lots of the anti XRP ppl place a negative spin on Brad's interview..They have there head so far up their BTC butt they cant see the obvious.

  6. Isn’t it timely, now it’s okay to say xrp. Ripple now owns less then 50 percent. And did you notice when she called xrp ripple Brad never bothered correcting her! Go xrp

  7. I believe they wouldn't be able to keep secret like that for a few weeks, let alone a few years – people talk. However, it'd happily accept that if it were to happen 🙂

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